Our Inspectors

Bob Martin

Bob joined MARCOM in March 2015 after retiring from the U.S. Coast Guard as a Chief Warrant Officer Four. During his 26 year Coast Guard career, Bob served in a wide variety of deck positions onboard several Coast Guard cutters engaged in search and rescue, law enforcement, polar ice-breaking and aids to navigation. Bob spent 10 years in the Marine Safety field as a Senior Investigating Officer and Senior Marine Inspector.

As an investigator he conducted over 250 investigations into mariner misconduct, vessel casualties and marine employer violations. As a marine inspector he qualified to inspect Passenger Vessels, Tank and Freight Barges, Towing Vessels, Offshore Supply Vessels including Lift Boats and U.S. Flagged Deep Draft Ships.  Bob also served as the Resident Marine Inspector at Louisiana's largest tank barge new construction yard as well as two Offshore Supply Vessel new construction yards including oversight of the nation’s first LNG fueled ship.  Bob has served as the USCG liaison for companies enrolled in the Tank Barge and Offshore Supply Vessel Streamlined Inspection Program and is well versed in the U.S. Coast Guard’s Alternate Compliance Program. 

Bob has completed both American Bureau of Shipping’s ISM Internal and External Auditor courses and received his Category 3 SIRE accreditation in April 2015.   Bob conducts SIRE inspections on inland and offshore chemical and oil carrying barges, inland and offshore towing/pushing vessels as well as ATB units and Marine Transfer Facilities.