Our Inspectors

Chuck Colburn

During my 27 year Coast Guard career I served on three Coast Guard Cutters as an engineer in California, Florida and Alaska. Between serving on USCG Cutters, I was stationed at numerous other units ranging from Maritime Law Enforcement, Aids to Navigation teams and Search and Rescue. I Entered into the Coast Guard Marine Inspections program in 2009 in New Orleans, La. and was stationed in Mobile, Al, New Orleans, La and Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Received my Advanced Journeyman Marine Inspector title in 2014. Became the Subject Matter Expert on Inland Tank Barge new construction and inspections, Offshore Supply Vessel new construction and inspections, LNG dual fueled ship propulsion systems, Steam propulsion systems ranging from propulsion boilers to steam turbines, Propulsion Machinery Automation and Deep Draft Dry Docking and Repairs. During my 10 years as a Senior Marine Inspector I conducted thousands of regulatory inspections and millions of dollars of new construction oversight on Inland Tank Barge’s, Articulating Tug and Barges, U.S. flagged Tankships/Cargo Ships, Offshore Supply vessel’s, Small and Large passenger vessel’s, Commercial Fishing Vessel’s and Foreign Flagged Vessel’s. I worked as a TBSIP coordinator¬† conducting company audits and trained other inspectors on regulatory inspection requirements for Inland Tank Barges. I am well versed in the Coast Guards Alternated Compliance Program (ACP), Stream Line Inspection Program (SIP) for Offshore Supply vessel’s, Large Passenger vessel’s, and MTSA/ISPS requirements for the Coast Guard. Before retiring, I served as the Marine Inspector Training Officer in New Orleans, La which is one of the largest inspections training ports in the Coast Guard.