Our Inspectors

David Foster

During his 28 years in the Coast Guard, David held a variety of facility and marine repair and construction positions with an extensive background in welding, pipefitting, fire- fighting systems and internal structure Marine Safety positions. From 2002 to 2007, David conducted construction oversight and regulatory inspections of Towing Vessels, Tank Barges, Passenger Vessels, Offshore Supply Vessels, Lift boats, Foreign Flagged Freight Ships, Foreign Flagged Tank Ships, and is well versed in the Tank Barge Streamlined Inspection Program (TBSIP), the Streamlined Inspection Program (SIP) for Offshore Supply Vessels and Crew boats, the Alternate Compliance Program (ACP), the MTSA/ISPS requirements for the Coast Guard.

David joined MARCOM in March 2012 after leaving an inland towing company with 5.5 years’ experience as a barge maintenance manager, TBSIP Manager and new construction coordinator along with monitoring UTV, new construction and both Coast Guard and SIRE inspections for the company.

David is an accredited Category 3 SIRE inspector and is a certificated ISM Lead Auditor. David will conduct SIRE inspections on inland and offshore chemical and oil carrying barges, inland and offshore towing/pushing vessels as well as ATB units.