Our Inspectors


Zac joined MARCOM with 10 years of experience in the marine transportation industry.  He began as a deckhand, traveling to many ports and harbors from coast to coast on our nation’s waterway system.  As a deckhand his duties included various maintenance tasks as well as building tow and assisting the captain in docking and making locks along the waterways.  Zac obtained his tankerman’s license where he safely and efficiently performed many transfers of several types of oil based and chemical cargoes while working closely with dock operators and vessel crews.  In addition to performing his duties as a tankerman, Zac also maintained all Coast Guard regulations to meet safety guidelines for both vessel and barge while giving particular attention to the safe transfer of cargo and a goal of no spills.  During this time, he also assisted in the training and advancement of other tankerman trainees. 

After coming ashore, Zac gained experience in the dispatching and logistics portion of the tankbarge industry which allowed him to experience and understand other portions of the marine industry as he facilitated the communication between vessels and various operational departments within the company.

Zac is an accredited Category 3 SIRE inspector and will be based in the Houston, TX area, available for inland and offshore equipment inspections including ATB’s.