Our Inspectors

Michael Phillips

Michael has 16 years of experience in the Inland Marine Transportation Industry, working with some of the larger carriers in the industry.  Michael has held various positions within the Marine Industry such as a tankerman and tankerman trainer as well as being involved in helping to write and revise company policies and procedures including transfer procedures.  Michael has performed many internal audits and pre-SIRE inspections over the last several years and gained an intimate understating of the SIRE program while performing these duties.  Michael has extensive knowledge in troubleshooting and performing corrective actions on tug and barge equipment and has served as a pollution safety advisor on numerous tankers both domestically and internationally.  Michael joined MARCOM in February of 2020 and is based primarily in Baton Rouge, but covers a wide section of the Mississippi River up to Memphis and the Gulf Coast over to Pensacola, FL.