Our Inspectors

David Henley

After many years working for a large towing company with inland and offshore equipment, David attained his accreditation as a Category 3 SIRE Inspector and started Marine Compliance, LLC (MARCOM) in 2005 in order to meet the growing need for third party Vetting Inspectors in the marine transportation industry. This need became apparent to him in his previous role as a manager for a newly created department of Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE). His experience in overseeing the company safety program and his duties as the Emergency Response Administrator gave him an understanding of the challenges of keeping up with ever changing rules, regulations and expectations. His experience in working with auditors performing Management Reviews for the major oil companies gave him first-hand insight into the even higher standards being set by the majors. As a Barge Superintendent and TAIP committee member, he assisted in the development of the U.S. Coast Guard approved Tankbarge Alternate Inspection Protocol (TAIP) and ensured maintenance and compliance of all one hundred fifty company vessels. 

David has seen MARCOM grow each year since its inception in 2005 as the needs of the industry have continued to expand. He expects additional growth in the coming years to support the need for independent inspectors/auditors to perform TMSA audits and terminal inspections. His focus continues to be on improving the safety of the maritime workforce.